Processing process
  • Cleaning, Hydro-Extractor

  • Dry

  • Sorting, Cooling

  • Mixing

Process flowchart (drawing chart)

Description of Process flowchart

  • Redusting

    remove dust and waterborne materials before washing original sources

  • Washing

    wash a certain number of original sources with clean water and chemicals for an adequate time not to damage the feathers, wash them for one and a half hours at 40℃

  • Hydro-Extractor

    eliminate 60~70% of moisture from down using a spin-dryer for 20 minutes after washing

  • Dry

    a process that restores down to its original state after sterilizing it using a steam dryer at 110 – 120 for 20 minutes and disinfects it with an insecticide

  • Cooling with Dusting

    a process that controls fill power, a crucial quality factor

  • Sorting

    a process called air flotation that sorts out down through wind power using different specific gravity

  • Bag Cases

    collect down in the storage pouch through air section

  • Mixing

    produce products according to a ratio of down to feather requested by a buyer

  • Sterilization

    implement final sterilization before shipment with sterilizing gas, etc.