Human beings spend one third of their lifetime on sleep.

In this regard, “bedding” is quite an important part for humankind and its selection gets more and more significant with economic development. Koreans used blankets made of cotton plants for long and then synthetic fibers were in fashion.

However, long term contact with chemical fibers is harmful to human health. Therefore, developed countries such as Europe and the US adopted down as a padding material, witnessing the end of the time of chemical fibers. Japan has also promoted public health by introducing down beddings long time ago.

Down duvets in the past were considered expensive’. But recently better living quality is leading to widespread use of down. Thus, down bedding is no more luxuries. Besides, it satisfies human desire to take a comfortable rest in a warm place, which is useful for managing mental health and daily stress.

With an emphasis on those purposes, our company is always committed to developing high quality and eco-friendly beddings.