Production management & Quality control
A product made of a mixture of natural duck down and chemical poly fiber
Water repellent down
No impact on fill power after water repellent processing
Water repellence 30 % greater than regular down
Maximized heating by mixing natural heating materials
2 - 3˚C higher heating ability than materials of other companies
(Heating ability - Other companies’ materials 2 - 3˚C/our material
4 - 5˚C)
A product made of a mixture of down very outstanding in air cut off and Nova fiber (ball type) releasing moisture and heat
Soft touch thanks to low denier (2D), imported yarns
Pleasant fit owing to down and materials very good at moisture absorption and release
Antibacterial processing
Processing that makes an antibacterial agent attached to raw materials through immersion and in turn restrains bacterial growth
Reduce a risk of bacterial infection and lower the possibility of contracting infectious disease
STICKY DOWN is selected and processed with excellent viscosity down to maximize these properties and create more air layers.
With excellent force of repulsion and volume ratio, GOOSE DOWN can be produced products larger than FP-800in³ and DUCK DOWN can be produced product larger than FP-700in³. Also it has excellent effects in light weight and temperature resistance.
Perfume processing
Eliminate a smell unique to down and add another scent